Saturday, April 15, 2006

Cleaning your dog's anal gland

I didn't know that dogs (or any animal) had an anal gland; nor did I know these precious little nodules needed to be "cleaned." Alas, the things I learn when my parents come home from the vet. Which is where their wiener dogs went for their annual checkup this morning. And when they came home they stank like shit and burnt fur. Which is not exactly the smell I'd expect an anal gland to make (I mean, the shit, sure; but burnt fur?). The process for cleaning a dog's anal gland involves the vet sticking her finger up the dog's butt. Which makes sense. However, I would not have guessed that the dogs would have liked this (which they did. a lot.). Does this mean the dogs are gay? Or just sexually unrepressed? Or does the fact that they're neutered have something to do with it? Some days, life's mysteries overwhelm me.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hi, 8US!

To answer the inquiries, the blog is not dead. Merely taking a little break. From which I have now returned. At least for as long as the weather is lame. When the weather is not lame anymore, blogging might once again become sporadic. Also, I wasn't off sulking over the Harvard thing. The hiatus began before the letter even showed up. But I do appreciate everyone's concern. (The internets are where my friends are!) What I was doing was eating a lot of Kashi Go Lean Crunch. Have you had this cereal? It is quite good. I just finished a bowl (and another box) only a minute ago. For those of you doing Weight Watchers, it's only three points for 1 cup. For those of you lowering your cholesterol, it's high in fiber and protein, and low in fat. For those of you who like things that taste good, it tastes good. My only complaint is that the box is too small -- too small to make a pirate ship out of, and too small to last me more than a week and change at roughly one bowl (cup) a day. Perhaps there are larger boxes of it available somewhere. Boxes big as boots. Boxes big as 10-gallon hats. Boxes dressed up with bows and lace. Then I could eat until I died. (Which I guess would be ironic since Kashi is supposed to be health food.)