Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A politics post in which a food metaphor goes too far

I used to follow politics pretty closely, but paying attention has gotten harder and harder as the country continues to show that it prefers to keep its head up its ass. Today's case in point is Busby's loss to Bilbray in California. The Daily Kos post-game is all about how Busby's strategy lost her the race, but I'm beyond blaming Democrats at this point. I'm sure there are a million things to attract voters that Democrats can do better. However, there comes a point when then light shined on an issue is so bright that Democrats should be able to get a can of Beefaroni elected without spending a dime campaigning, and the CA-50 special election to replace Duke Cunningham should have been one of those points.

Cunningham was the beacon of Republican corruption. Rather than a loan fuckup threatening to taint the rest of his party, he was the spot of mold on your slice of bread that causes you to check the rest of the loaf only to discover that it's time to toss the whole thing into the trash. The fact that a majority of voters in the CA-50 chose to keep making shit sandwiches with their moldy bread is sickening. Worse is that many democrats apparently chose not to vote at all.

What the fuck, people? When the Republican rot smells as bad as it did in Cunningham's district, it is no longer the Democrats' job to entice their base to the polls, nor is it their job to convince moderate Republicans that it's time to change cleaning services. No, it's up to the voters to accept responsibility for cleaning out their own refrigerator. And if they can't be bothered to do it, then I don't want them living in my neighborhood anymore, lest the smell start to creep into my house.

All of which brings me back to my recurring desire to dissolve the union. Let's divide the country between the shit-sandwiches and the cans of Beefaroni. Let the maniacs have their lunch and eat it too, just as long as they do it in a place where the rest of us don't have to smell it.