Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Little Brothers update

For those of you who want to know (which should be all of you), my little brother's band Fortress of Attitude has a new song up on their MySpace page. It's called Ring Tone. Go check it out. Also, FOA and Barky will be playing four shows (two each) in NYC in late May. Expect me to hassle you to attend once I have more details.

In other little brother news, my other little brother (the one who I volunteer with as a part of BBBSLI) called me twice today just to shoot the breeze. I was amazed. We've been matched up since late August, and this is the first time he's ever called just to chat. Actually, he originally called to strongly hint that he was expecting me to get him a good present for his bday this weekend, which was cute, and then he hung around to chat about school and shared more detail about his life than ever--about his best friend, his counseling appointments, and how he wants me to come visit his class as part of my teaching observations. THEN he called a second time to share his report card with me (turns out he's a straight-A student) before he even called his mom. I'm touched. And I'm thrilled he's finally feeling comfortable and friendly enough with me that he'd make that kind of effort.