Saturday, January 14, 2006

Speaking of my casual sex quota...

I decided that since I've been bored, and have my evenings free, I should start dating people again. To facilitate this, I've revived my profile. I've been on a handful of dates the past week or two and have had a good time and met some cool girls. I don't think any of them are going to become long termers. I'm not emotionally ready for that at the moment, I think. And because of that, I realized that in a sense I'm lying to my dates about my intentions, which I guess makes me a dick. Well, I don't enjoy being a dick (even if it is convenient, and even if I suspect most girls secretly prefer to date dicks who treat them like shit), so to assuage my conscience I took out an ad on Craig's List that basically said "Who wants to meet tonight for some sex?"

Ads like that glut the casual encounters section of CL, and I always suspected they were posted by desperate people who knew the ad was going to go unanswered. Oh how wrong I was. It turns out there are lots of girls who are willing to meet you on a moment's notice for a good romp. They don't care who you are or what you look like, as long as you're clean, disease free, and can supply a solid pounding. Amazing. However, I have not yet taken advantage of any of these girls. I was too shocked that they even exist to respond to the first few emails I got. But I've emailed a few just to chat, and went on a "date" with one to see how we clicked and if we might start up a "friends with benefits" relationship. (So far it's looking promising.)

Turns out there is a world of rampant casual fucking that one only needs the courage to enter. Money, looks, age, personality -- none of the usual factors apply. Balls are everything. And I am tempted. Oh, so tempted. I want to dive right in. Hump every girl on Long Island. And I've got some big balls, but I'm not sure they're quite that big just yet.

Operation: Motorcycle

I've decided to buy a motorcycle. I have to save up, first. And then I'll have to learn to ride it. But I want one, and they're cheap enough, so I'll get one. At $3,100, the Honda Rebel is my current favorite. (I'd put a link to it here, but I forget how.)

Every time I tell people that I want a motorcycle, they invariably tell me that motorcycles are fun but super dangerous. This is probably true, but it seems like a weird thing to keep coming up. Aren't most things fun but dangerous? Casual sex, even casual safe sex, is fun but dangerous, but you don't hear people saying "I'd like to go have casual safe sex, except it's fun but dangerous." No, people go around fucking each other's brains out willy-nilly with nary a second thought. Well, I'm well behind in my casual sex quota, so I'm going to make up for it by buying a motorcycle.