Friday, November 19, 2004

Hell Week

Towards the end of every month we have at my work what I like to refer to as Hell Week, which is actually about a week and a half long, all things considered, and which is when I come home and just don't want to do anything, and that includes post here. But I didn't want people to think the blog was dead. It's not. So I figure I'd pop in and put up a quick hello.


In the meantime, as we wait for me to get around to all the grand things I've been promising to write about, here's a fun post from DailyKos. In accordance with the so far halfassedly outlined philosophy of this blog, who wants to take a wild guess as to what I find horribly wrong with it? That's right: still looking to the Democrats to save us when we should instead be looking to ourselves. Still urging people to spend money on the Dems (this time on Dem think-tanks) when we could instead be using the money for more valuable things (like what? Use your imagination. We spent approximately $2 billion on Kerry, and no doubt we could have found a better way to use that money if we'd tried).

OK. Later.

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