Friday, August 05, 2005

Interactive: 20 Questions

Let's play a game. You send me questions and I'll answer them. For now, let's limit it to twenty questions total. (So, if more than one person sends more than a total of 20, I'll pick and choose which to answer.) Assuming this exercise is a smashing success, we'll repeat it in the future. Think of all the fun we're going to have! Go on, I'll answer anything.


Lantzvillager said...

How were time zones established?

Crumbolst said...

1. If you were to make something called "The Great Flying Whatever!" what would be it's useful application(s)?

2. How fast is too fast for you
a. on a bike
b. in a car
c. on foot

3. Is it cheaper to go to Cailfornia, or by bus?

4. What would you do if you were on a bus and a very old man pinched you hard on the arm and said, "If you tied two birds together, they would have four wings, yet they cannot fly"?

5. What parts of a shopping cart would burn best if you were to douse it in gasoline and light it in fire?

6. What and where are you favorite pants right now?

7. Do you want to smoke a joint with me?

8. What is the greatest lesson you've learned thus far?

9. Have you been to this awesome website:

Jarrett said...

Who invented that crazy torture-chamber looking device that holds music so musicians can use two hands to play?