Friday, March 23, 2007

Lance Armstrong

I'd like to run a half marathon. I don't know where or when a local one might be, and I don't know how to train for one, so these are things I'll have to research. But I do know that Lance Armstrong ran the New York Marathon in about three hours, and I can run six miles in about one hour, which means I can probably run 12 in two and a half to three (assuming I'm gradually slowing down). In comparison to someone with seven consecutive Tour de France victories, I think this is respectable.

Step one (get it? step?) is going to be getting in the car and measuring out some mileage. Step two is buying new running sneakers (to avoid shin splints). Step three is going to be a test run (ha!) to see how far I can go before I feel like dying. And step four will be to then research an actual training regimen. With luck I'll be in full training mode by summer, when the weather is nice and classes slow down.


tipsy said...

So cool! Even if you don't do the marathon, training is still quite an accomplishment.

I'm thinking about doing the Bike Tour. If for some reason I'm not ready, I've got another goal in mind. Have to actually ride & build my leg muscles first. "Here comes the rain again..."

Anonymous said...

That's great, if you need sponsors let me know.

I want to do walks again (I don't run) but I learned that after last year's Breast Cancer Walk of 36 miles totally kicked my ass I'm better suited to doing more 5K runs/walks. They're everywhere all the time.

here's one in NY on May 5th

these guys look pretty cool to help you train, too

just a few I found when I typed into Yahoo...also learned when in training for that walk last year in Boston that training with a team was definately the way to go.

Or, San Francisco has a ton of great walks/runs too - I'm definately signing up for Bay to Breakers this year - it's a riot!

However you do it, good luck!!