Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Proper Noun

What do we call it when liberals embrace the ideals of economic and fiscal conservatism? I like the term Responsible Consumerism. We'll be using our shopping power (as well as our business-starting power) to influence which companies succeed in America, and, by proxy, how those companies behave. While, mechanically at least, the combination of social liberalism and economic conservatism is the same formula as libertarianism, I don't think we fit that term because for us this isn't about a philosophy of "rights," and nor do we get along with the Ayn Rand flavor of libertarianism that likes to talk shit about altruism. We're definitely creating our own beast here -- at least as far as I know. Could be there's something out there just like this and I've never heard of it. So, unless and until someone points it out to me I think we need some new terminology for the sake of easier communication.

But maybe the term responsible consumerism is too small. It's only one aspect of the larger whole since eventually we should be launching institutions that are much bigger than mere shopping. We're going to want to start schools, and charities, and even hospitals. We're going to need our own news media (not partisan journalism, but good journalism). We're going to want to create our own form of social security -- one the government can't raid or ruin.

We're going to need a bigger proper noun.

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